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The success for your real estate business is entirely dependent on the quality of your business relationship. Lose your clients with mediocre or unethical service and it’s almost impossible to get back on track. The key to your real estate sales success lies in firstly creating and then working hard to maintain relationships that go beyond the one-time sale or listing and instead stretch far into the future. Mr. Honey Do Services has been servicing the Realtor® market for many years. We understand these relationships and the demands and challenges Realtors® face in the East Valley Market. Mr. Honey Do Services has become a trusted advisor and resource to many Realtors®.

The biggest complaint that Mr. Honey Do Services hears from it’s Realtor® clientele about other handyman services is poor communication. Honest and regular written communication is one of the cornerstones of our business being successful. You rely on us to keep you informed and we promise regular feedback and progress reports to make sure that you can service your clients. We will live up to our guarantee of service – always.

In a residential real estate transaction in Arizona, the Buyer and Seller use the Buyer’s Inspection Notice and Seller’s Response (BINSR) to request and negotiate repairs to the property. You can be sure that we will provide you with the most accurate estimate and quality workmanship.

One way that Mr. Honey Do services our Realtor® community is with no-cost BINSR estimates. Simply fill out the form below, complete with file upload and we will reply with haste. Quick service for you and your clients.

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In Arizona, we have a form called the BINSR (Buyers Inspection Notice & Sellers Response). The buyer has the opportunity to request, via the BINSR, any repairs needed and/or ask for warranted items that are not working to be fixed. Typically the bigger issues such as electrical, plumbing, and roof issues are addressed in the BINSR. After receiving the BINSR from the buyer, the seller has 5 days to either say “yes” to all the buyer requests OR respond with what they will repair as well as what they won’t repair. The buyer then has 5 days to either 1) accept the seller’s response and proceed towards closing OR 2) cancel the contract. Mr. Honey Do Services understands the time sensitive nature of the BINSR. We know the countdown of the inspection days starts the day after the contract is accepted.

If you are currently thinking about putting your home on the market, in many cases, Mr. Honey Do Services can go over the list that the inspector has provided and assist in deciding which items are necessary to repair for safety and security reasons as well as other important items such as leaks and damage. These items can then be addressed BEFORE a BINSR is drawn up.

Whether you need a BINSR estimate right away or have questions regarding what items to consider repairing before you market a home, Mr. Honey Do Services will provide free reviews and estimates. Use the form below to attach your BINSR and/or Inspection Report for a free estimate and evaluation. Onsite estimates are also available through appointment.

BINSR Estimate Request Form

Use this form to submit requests for BINSR Estimates. Home and property owners who are not currently in the inspection period can use the form on our Contact Us page to request standard quotes.

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