Preventative Maintenance Plan

Preventative Maintenance For Homes & Rentals in Valparaiso and Nearby Areas.


Mr Honey Do Services provides a residential preventative maintenance plan for homes and rental properties in Valparaiso, IN and the surrounding areas. Active preventative maintenance is one of the best ways to prevent costly repairs and save money over the long term. It’s also a way to identify any potential repairs that are needed, which can be important for the safety and living conditions of either yourself, your family and/or your tenants.

The old cliche “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” doesn’t serve well when considering the maintenance of your home or rental property. Unplanned maintenance typically costs three to nine times more than planned maintenance! Maintenance that is regularly and routinely performed can reduce the chances of unexpected and very costly repairs. Things can and will go wrong. However, Mr. Honey Do Services offers steps to reduce reactionary maintenance by taking a proactive approach toward fixes. Mr. Honey Do Services’ preventive maintenance plan is affordable, effective, and regularly scheduled to ensure maximum benefit.

The 20-point Plan covers a wide range of items that will ensure the working condition of your home from top to bottom.

20-Point Preventative Maintenance Plan

AC Filters
Smoke Detectors
Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Light Bulbs
Door Bell
Sticking Doors
Door Locks and Handles
Exhaust Fans
Settling Cracks in Drywall
Weather Stripping
Exercising GFI Outlets
Dryer Vent
Faucet Leaks
Drain Leaks/Flow
Washer/Dryer Connections
Leaks at Water Heater
Leaks at Hose Bibs
Loose/Leaking Toilets
Shut-off Valves Under Sinks
Function/Leaks at Garbage Disposal

The plan includes two (2) scheduled appointments during the year, consisting of a one-hour inspection and up to three hours of maintenance per visit. That’s up to 10 hours of inspection and actual preventative maintenance for just $695*, which keeps your home or rental property maintained effectively and potentially saves you thousands of dollars. If you need maintenance that exceeds the allotted 6 hours of work then any extra time will be discounted at $75/hour (normally $95/hour).

*Cost does not include materials

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