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Mr Honey Do Services includes plumbing services in Valparaiso, IN and surrounding areas. Plumbing is one of the major systems of your home which includes potable water coming into your home from the city and used water draining out from your home to the city. Feel free to call Mr. Honey Do services for any plumbing project! We may be a handyman service, but you may be surprised at the scope of work that we can cover. Here is sample list of plumbing services that we help you with:

Plumbing Services:

Sinks and Faucet repairs and replacements
Faucet line repairs and replacements
Hose Bibs
Drain Cleaning
Pressure Regulator Valve Inspections, Repair and Replacement
Bathtub & Shower installations and repairs
Toilet repairs, installation, replacements
Garbage Disposal
Water Heaters

Do you need a Handy Plumber in Valparaiso or other nearby city?

Thank goodness for the modern conveniences of plumbing which allows us to drink, bathe and prepare food all in the comfort of our homes. But when those modern conveniences aren’t there, or especially when they cause damage to your home from a leak or flooding, it’s very, very, well . . . inconvenient. Having a bathroom out of commission can severely hamper the daily operation of a family home and no one likes having to go to a friend’s or relative’s house just to shower.

If left unfixed, a running toilet or leaky faucet can end up costing you hundreds of dollars! A leaky pipe can cost even more in damages to cabinetry and drywall. Let Mr. Honey Do Services put a stop to those pesky leaks. Our technicians will make sure to get the work done right the first time, with efficiency. You approve the price before we start and we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The older the water heater, the more likely it is to break down. As a general rule, a tank style heater will last, on average, 8 – 12 years. If you wait too long, an old, inefficient water heater can lead to much larger problems. Many times preventative maintenance can prolong the life of your water heater. If you notice rust and corrosion, drain valves that do not drain water, leaking, or water that is luke warm or cold, there may be repairs that can be done to the water heater rather than replacing the appliance. However, if the water heater needs replacing, Mr. Honey Do Services can do that too.

We can help you create the bathroom or kitchen of your dreams with shower, toilet, tub or sink installation, combined with other parts of the room such as the walls, counters and lighting.

Whether you need plumbing services for the purposes of repair or upgrades to your home, Mr Honey Do Services will help you with clear and concise communication, trustworthy field technicians, quality work and a quick turnaround. Contact us today for a free initial assessment.