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Mr Honey Do Services includes electrical services in Valparaiso, IN and surrounding areas. Technically the electrical system of your home includes everything from the fuse box where you’re home receives the electricity from the electrical company, to the wiring throughout the house to the outlets and switches. Yet, electrical services could also include the installation of electrical fixtures and appliances, such as ceiling fans or an electric stove. Feel free to call Mr. Honey Do Services for any electrical project! We may be a handyman service, but you may be surprised at the scope of work that we can cover. Here is sample list of electrical services that we help you with:

Electrical Services

GFCI Replacements/installation
Child Proof Outlets Repair/Move/Install
Exhaust Fans
LED Lighting
Bathroom/Bedroom lighting
Indoor/outdoor lighting
Ceiling Fans
Door Bells
Appliance installations
Replace Breakers
Smoke / CO2 Detectors

Do you need a Handy Electrician in Valparaiso or other nearby city?

You might expect to call a professional to install electrical fixtures, but what about something as small as changing a light bulb? Call on Mr. Honey Do Services for the full range of electrical projects. (Yes, we’ve been called to replace a hard to reach light bulb and we’re happy to do it in certain conditions).

The smaller or easier the job, the more likely an individual will try to do it on their own. But once they’ve reached the point where they’re uncomfortable doing it, they need someone who is reliable and trustworthy to help them. In the case of a light bulb the person may have a physical disability or the bulb is in a particularly difficult place to reach. It could also be part of a more complete maintenance service for rental homes. Yet, for all electrical projects there is an issue of safety. No one wants to feel first hand what it’s like to get defibrillated. It’s very dramatic on TV and in the ER, but certainly not very pleasant.

A properly functioning electrical system in the home is needed for the use of lights and other electrical appliances. If you’re in need of an electrical repair, we can help you fix it. A change in the ceiling lighting may be just what you need to complement your new kitchen cabinets.

Mr Honey Do technicians are capable to handle a complete range of electrical services. We consult with you to diagnose what is needed for your electrical projects. Whether it be the installation of GFCI outlets, ceiling fans, new lighting, new thermostat or changing those hard to reach light bulbs, we got you covered. Contact Mr Honey Do Services today for a free assessment.