Odd Jobs Handyman Near Valparaiso

Valparaiso Odd Jobs Handyman And Nearby Cities


Mr Honey Do Services includes odd job services in Valparaiso, IN and surrounding areas. The phrase “odd jobs” is probably one of the most apt descriptions of what a handyman does since we can handle pretty much any home project big or small. (“Honey do” list is also a common nickname for odd jobs around the home). Some of the odd jobs that we can provide include the following:

Odd Jobs

Hanging Pictures / Shelving
Hanging Blinds
Assemble Furniture
Changing Light Bulbs
Power Washing
Flooring, Carpet & Tile
Changing air filters
Cleaning out dryer vents
Refilling the water softener with salt
All home maintenance odd jobs

Many other services are also listed on the carpentry, plumbing, electrical and painting pages.

Do you need a handyman for odd jobs in Valparaiso or a nearby city?

There are many individuals who would want to consider a handyman for regular home maintenance services or one-time projects. Do you have a physical disability that makes it difficult to perform simple tasks? Are you a working professional or a single parent with very little time to dedicate to odd jobs around the home? Are you out of town on business often or a “snow bird” that leaves the valley for half the year? Are you a rental owner from out of state or a Realtor® who needs boots on the ground? Do you simply want a professional to handle it? Whatever the motivation, Mr Honey Do Services is here to listen and help you accomplish your goal.

Receiving regular home maintenance services from a reliable handyman is a great way to reduce expenses and protect your home investment. For example the simple task of changing your air filters can help keep your AC functioning properly and help it last longer. Or having your sprinkler system timer adjusted seasonally is a good way to save on your water bill. If you just need a one-time project, no problem. If you want regular monthly maintenance services to keep your home in good shape, we can help with that too. We can create a regular maintenance schedule that suits your needs.

Mr Honey Do Services will help you with clear and concise communication, trustworthy field technicians, quality work and a quick turnaround. Contact us today for a free estimate.