Valparaiso Handyman For Seniors & Accessibility

Aging In Place & Accessibility Home Modifications in Valparaiso & Nearby Areas


From personal experience, Mr Honey Do Services has a heart for making life and living better for seniors who are aging in place, and others who could use accessibility modifications in their home. As a person ages they may not be as mobile, may be more prone to falling, may not see as well, and have other advancing limitations. For most seniors these limitations come with an increasing desire to stay in their own home. Home modifications only allow these individuals to stay where they feel comfortable and familiar, while improving their self-sufficiency and safety. Also, aging is not the only event that might call for home modifications, as certain life-long conditions and acquired illnesses can also limit mobility at any age. The following services is just a sample list of possible ways we can help:

Senior & Accessibility Services:

Wheelchair Ramp Build (for thresholds and single steps)
Doorway Modification (widening of doorways, french door installation)
Hard Floor Installation (better for wheelchairs than carpet)
Rounding Corners and/or Bumper and Padding Installation
Relocation of outlets & switches (making them easier to reach)
Cabinet, Counter, Desk Installation (lowering for wheelchair access)
Shelf Installation (lowering shelves)
Cabinet & Door Hardware Installation (switch to safer designs)
Furniture Assembly
Handrail, Grab Bar, Guardrail Installation
Toilet Installation (raising or lowering the seat)
Tub Installation (including sit-down tubs)
Shower Head Installation
Light Fixture Installation (enhanced lighting for better visibility)
Regular Ongoing Home Maintenance (changing air filters and light bulbs, hanging photos, etc.)

Do you need a Handyman in Valparaiso or other nearby cities to help with senior and accessibility home modifications?

If your home needs accessible modifications for seniors aging in place or disabled persons of any age, then call a trusted, friendly and local handyman. Mr Honey Do Services executes a specific protocol for hiring technicians to ensure that only trustworthy and professional technicians enter your home. The hiring process is conducted by a woman who not only gauges their skills, resume and experience but also assesses a gut feeling of being safe and in good company – the same feeling we know our customers will appreciate having.

You will be notified by text of your agreed upon appointment time and date, and updated when your technician is actually on the way to your appointment. Invoicing is clear and accurate; online payment options are also available. All our technicians will arrive in a clearly marked vehicle with the Mr. Honey Do Services logo and wearing Mr. Honey Do Services logo-marked attire. We will wear “bootie” shoe covers over our shoes and clean up after our projects are complete.

Contact us today for a free initial assessment for senior and accessibility home modifications.