Simply Refreshing Curb Appeal Ideas

Simply Refreshing Curb Appeal Ideas

Spring has sprung and it is time to spruce up our homes. Don’t forget the entrance to your home when making plans to clean and brighten up your home this Spring. Your homes entrance is the first thing guests see and notice when visiting. Great curb appeal also can boost your home’s property valve as well. Here are five simply refreshing ideas to keep your home looking fresh:


If the light in your fixture is dim, change out the bulb to make your home easier to see from the curb. If the light fixture itself is dated, you can find quality fixtures for as low as $30 on Amazon.Something as simple as a new light fixture can make a huge change and add a fresh look to the entrance of your home.


This mini-project can be accomplished in just a few hours and will make your home stand out in a big way. A pop of color can turn a plain home into the most handsome home in the neighborhood. Take your time choosing the perfect color, one that accents the rest of the exterior of your home during all times of the day. Also make sure to use VOCs (volatile organic compounds) for the best results. Wait until each coat is dry before you add another, thus beginning this project in the morning may be best.


House numbers make your home easier to find and are an attractive way to update your homes entrance. We recommend choosing house numbers that are complimentary to your homes front door hardware. Maybe another option is to explore having a custom plaque for your front yard.


Updating your entire yard’s landscaping can be very expensive and time consuming, thus we recommend placing a few strategic planters and hanging baskets around your front entrance to maximize your home’s curb appeal. Something as simple as two large pots with fresh flowers in them can make a much needed fresh statement.


Here in Arizona we must take the heat into consideration when choosing outdoor decor. A dried floral wreath can make your front entrance stand out from the street and give your home a trendy springtime look as well as stand up to the heat. If you want want that lasts, choose ones with dried or preserved natural elements. Don’t forget to remove the wreath during inclimate weather (monsoons!).