Mr Honey Do Services Is Open With COVID-19 Precautions In Effect

Mr Honey Do Services Is Open With COVID-19 Precautions In Effect

Mr Honey Do Services is open for business with COVID-19 precautions in effect. As a “critical trade”, handyman services is an essential business. Mr Honey Do Services will continue to operate and serve our customers to ensure that their homes and businesses are fixed and in working order. Your health and safety as well as the health and safety of all our employees is among our top priorities. The following precautions are in effect to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus and keep everyone well:

All service technicians are equipped with masks, gloves and personal protective gear. All protective gear is used once per job site. Technicians will sanitize major touch points at job sites before and after working. Technicians will wash or sanitize hands before and after work at each job site. Technicians will maintain social distancing of 6 feet from other individuals at all job sites.

If anyone in your home or business is sick, please inform us before a project proceeds.

Service technicians are not allowed to work at this time if they have any symptoms of illness.

We will continue to monitor the recommendations that are provided by the World Health Organization, CDC and other authoritative organizations regarding this crisis. We will adjust our safety protocols as other information and recommendations become available..

All pandemic health care workers are now eligible for a special discount. We appreciate the work that you’re doing and you are heroes to us.

If your home or business needs any handy work done whatsoever, we are here for you. We will work efficiently and safely for everyone involved. Contact Mr. Honey Do Services today.